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Conjurer's Garb (with Luck) (Details)
Conjurers Garb (with Luck)
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Enchanted Granite Cart (Details)
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Primeval Lich Decor Items

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UO Death Vortex
Death Vortex
In Stock: Yes
Price: $29.99
Using an evil theme for your house? Grab your Death Vortex today and be the envy of your friends! Not many Death Vortexs out there, be one of the few to own one!

UO Dragon Head
Dragon Head
In Stock: Yes
Price: $13.99
Great house deco! Looks great on any wall! Remember that Dragon you killed everyday! Impress your friends! Someday we may be able to mount the heads of the actual dragons we kill, until then, take this one!

UO Executioner's Axe
Executioner's Axe
In Stock: Yes
Price: $4.99
No gruesome house deco is complete without an executioner's axe! great for RP lay outs and everyday decoration! Remind your friends the penalty for not using coasters!

UO Floor Spike
Floor Spike
In Stock: Yes
Price: $3.99

UO Glowing Rune
Glowing Rune
In Stock: Yes
Price: $5.99

UO Glowing Rune 2
Glowing Rune 2
In Stock: Yes
Price: $5.99

UO Glowing Rune 3
Glowing Rune 3
In Stock: Yes
Price: $5.99

UO Gravestone 6 pack
Gravestone 6 pack
In Stock: Yes
Price: $14.99
You do not need to be 21 for this six pack! Grab a Gravestone 6 pack and finish off those spooky decos! You can not complete a graveyard or go a Halloween without them!

UO Lava - (small)
Lava - (small)
In Stock: Yes
Price: $9.99
Expand your lava decorations with this small lava tile! Far better then any customization feature, grab a few of these and some of the other lava features to complete your home!

UO Lava - bottom of waterfall
Lava - bottom of waterfall
In Stock: Yes
Price: $14.99
Extremely rare finishing peice to the Lava Waterfall!

UO Lava Waterfall
Lava Waterfall
In Stock: Yes
Price: $14.99

UO Mummified Corpse
Mummified Corpse
In Stock: Yes
Price: $19.99

UO Ore Cart - 3 Peices
Ore Cart - 3 Peices
In Stock: Yes
Price: $79.99
The completed three piece Ore Cart ! A very hard drop to complete.

UO Pillory
In Stock: Yes
Price: $11.99

UO Pipe Cactus
Pipe Cactus
In Stock: Yes
List price: $24.99
Price: $6.99

UO Rack
In Stock: Yes
Price: $14.99
8 peices, very cool!

UO Red Glowing Rune
Red Glowing Rune
In Stock: Yes
Price: $5.99

Small Banana Tree
In Stock: Yes
Price: $3.99
Makes a great deco for your garden! Or even your room! Have a Small Banana Tree next to your bed! Although you may not get Bananas from it, it still is a lot of fun!

UO Soul Forge
Soul Forge
In Stock: Yes
Price: $19.99

UO Sparkle
In Stock: Yes
Price: $59.99

UO Stone Spike
Stone Spike
In Stock: Yes
Price: $5.99
Complete your gargoyle house! Get a stone spike today! In fact you may need more then one! Far better then any item you can get in customization!

Stone Spike - Large
In Stock: Yes
Price: $1.99

UO Wall Carving - 3 Peice
Wall Carving - 3 Peice
In Stock: Yes
Price: $99.99
3 peice Wall ! Faces N/S
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