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Throwing Weapons

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The skill of Throwing in Ultima Online was introduced with the Stygian Abyss expansion. The UO throwing weapons that you can select are the soul glaive, the boomerang, and the cyclone. Of these weapons the Soul Glaive is the best all around, and arguably the best weapon in the game. It has the longest range out of any item (11 with a character strength of 140) , has the base damage of a heavy crossbow and the speed of a composite bow. Our favorite UO throwing weapon possesses the armor ignore and mortal strike specials, making it extremely lethal in PvP and PvM.

UO Banshees Call
Banshees Call
In Stock: Yes
Price: $3.99
Gargoyles Only
Velocity 35%
Hit Harm 40%
Hit Life Leech 45%
Strength Bonus 5
Swing Speed Increase 50%
Cold Damage 100%
Weapon Damage 13 - 17
Weapon Speed 3s
Range 9
Strength Requirement 40
One-Handed Weapon
SkilL Required: Throwing
Durability 255 / 255

UO Storm Caller
Storm Caller
In Stock: Yes
Price: $2.99
Gargoyles Only
Hit Lower Defense 30%
Hit Lightning 40%
Battle Lust
Strength Bonus 5
Swing Speed Increase 30%
Damage Increase 40%
Physical Damage 20%
Fire Damage 20%
Cold Damage 20%
Poison Damage 20%
Energy Damage 20%
Weapon Damage 8 - 12
Weapon Speed 2s
Range 7
Strength Requirement 25
One-handed Weapon
Skill Required: Throwing
Durability 255 / 255

UO Valkyrie's Glaive
Valkyrie's Glaive
In Stock: Yes
Price: $3.99
Artifact Rarity 5
Gargoyles Only
Undead Slayer
Hit Fireball 40%
Spell Channeling
Strength Bonus 5
Swing Speed Increase 20%
Damage Increase 20%
Physical Damage 100%
Weapon Damage 18 - 22
Weapon Speed 4s
Range 11
One-handed Weapon
Skill Required: Throwing
Not to be outdone is the extremely versatile Cyclone throwing weapon, which swings at a very quick 3 seconds , and has Moving Shot and a unique dual special called Infused Throw. Infused Throw will be a paralyze if you are flying, and if you are on foot it will be a dismount. This weapon has 3 special moves, a respectable base damage and is blazing fast. The boomerang is the Ultima online Throwing weapon that is more of an afterthought. It can make a very nice mage weapon with it’s 2s swing speed, but it’s effectiveness for the thrower is little. Throwing is a fantastic UO skill and it has redefined pvp and pve.
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