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5.0 Animal Taming - Scroll of Transcendence (Details)
5.0 Animal Taming - Scroll of Transcendence
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Today: $7.99

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Spinning Lathe (Details)
Price: $19.99

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UO Quotes from the pen of Sherry the Mouse (Yellow) Ultima Online Quotes from the pen of Sherry the Mouse (Yellow)

Quotes from the pen of Sherry the Mouse (Yellow)

This item is part of the Britain Library Collection. When locked down the book says the following:
* "Oft have I wished that stranger would return."
* "We must bring the shards into harmony, so that they resonate in such a manner that matches the original universe."
* "Yet sometimes one must sacrifice a pawn to save a king."
* "Suddenly the shutters blew open and Lord British fell to the ground, one hand shileding his eyes." [misspelling is a bug]
* "I witnessed them all from my tiny mousehole."
* "But I am but a mouse, and none hear me."
* "A shard of a universe is a powerful thing."
* "Aid the nobility that resideth in human heart."
* "Even pawns have lives and loves at home, my lord."

Price: $7.99
In stock: YES
UOS Cashback: $0.80

Quotes from the pen of Sherry the Mouse (Yellow)

Quotes from the pen of Sherry the Mouse (Yellow) can be purchased on all shards and delivered to you personally by the fastest delivery team in the ultima online industry. If you have any questions, press the live chat button and ask us.

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UO Quotes from the pen of Wyrd Beastmaster (Blue)
Quotes from the pen of Wyrd Beastmaster (Blue)
Price: $7.99
Incredibly great decoration! Plays many different phrases!

UO 120 Meditation Power Scroll
120 Meditation Power Scroll
Price: $1.99
Are you a master at the art of meditation? You would be with this 120 Meditation Power Scroll to maximize your mana regeneration abilities.

UO My Book Talisman
My Book Talisman
Price: $5.99
Inscription Exceptional Bonus: 11% - 30%
Inscription Bonus: 11% - 30%
Intelligence Bonus 5
Mana Increase 2

UO 120 Tactics Power Scroll
120 Tactics Power Scroll
Price: $13.99
A skilled warrior needs to be a master in battle tactics. Grab a 120 Tactics Power Scroll to maximize your damage and precision.

Bulk Necro Regs
Price: $12.99

UO Warrior Scroll Set
Warrior Scroll Set
Price: $44.99
Get the scrolls to make your warrior legendary all in one go!
120 Fighting Skill(Choose:Swords,Mace Fighting, Fencing, Archery)
120 Tactics
120 Anatomy
120 Healing
120 Bushido
120 Resisting Spells
+25 Stat Scroll

UO Rechargeable Housing Teleport Tiles
Rechargeable Housing Teleport Tiles
Price: $9.99
Teleport Tiles that recharge with gate scrolls, click for More Info!

UO Ultimate Tamer Package
Ultimate Tamer Package
Price: $109.99
What does every good hunter need?
Well, Legendary skills, and a great suit right?

Well here's the whole shabang, and really who wants to work Taming past GM anyway?
Put the suit on and all your dreams will be answered! :)
120 Animal Taming
120 Animal Lore
120 Veterinary
1000 Luck/LRC Suit
+25 Taming Skill on the Suit

Please tell the staff what +taming is actually needed. If only +20 taming is needed we can make the stats such as resists higher!

UO Friends of the Library Reading Chair (Plain)
Friends of the Library Reading Chair (Plain)
Price: $5.99

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