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5.0 Animal Taming - Scroll of Transcendence (Details)
5.0 Animal Taming - Scroll of Transcendence
Regular: $9.99
Today: $7.99

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Cowl of the Archlich (Details)
Price: $9.99

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UO UO 10K Heartwood Boards Ultima Online UO 10K Heartwood Boards

UO 10K Heartwood Boards

Everyone needs some special boards! Grab these Heartwood boards today and get working on your items! Get a leg up on the competition!
Wooden heartwood boards are produced from logs chopped by lumberjacks. A single board weighs one stone. Each type of board has a different skill level required. This type has Luck 40, Durability 50 percent, Lower Requirements 20 percent, Swing Speed Increase 10 percent, Lower Weight 75 percent, Hit Chance Increase 5 percent, Hit Life Leech , and Luck 10.

Price: $5.99
In stock: YES
UOS Cashback: $0.60

UO 10K Heartwood Boards

UO 10K Heartwood Boards can be purchased on all shards and delivered to you personally by the fastest delivery team in the ultima online industry. If you have any questions, press the live chat button and ask us.

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UO 10K Bloodwood Boards
10K Bloodwood Boards
Price: $5.99
Bloodwood boards are an amazing red color if you haven't already guessed. Grab these Bloodwood boards today and get to work on your crafting skills.

UO 10K Frostwood Boards
10K Frostwood Boards
Price: $5.99
Everyone needs some Frostwood boards! Grab these Frostwood boards today and get working on your items! Get a leg up on the competition!

UO Powder of Fortification - 12
Powder of Fortification - 12
Price: $6.00
12 Bottles of Powder of Fortification
120 Total Uses!

UO Void Orb - 100
Void Orb - 100
Price: $2.99
Void Orb - 100

UO Relic Fragment - 100
Relic Fragment - 100
Price: $3.99
100 Relic Fragment
Get yourself 100 Relic Fragments from our fully stocked ingredient supply.

UO 5 Heartwood Fletcher Kits
5 Heartwood Fletcher Kits
Price: $7.99
75 Total Uses
Get these 75 charges and burn weapons you have always wanted!

10k Valorite Ingots
Price: $6.99

UO Essence of Control - 100
Essence of Control - 100
Price: $2.49
Essence of Control - 100

UO 5.0 Healing - Scroll of Transcendence
5.0 Healing - Scroll of Transcendence
Price: $4.99

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