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Despicable Quiver - Energy

Despicable Quiver - Energy
Archery +5
Damage Modifier: 10%
Ammo: 0/500 Arrows
Dexterity Bonus 5
Reflect Physical Damage 5%
Hit Chance Increase 5%
Energy Resist 10%
Lower Ammo Cost 30%
Contents: 0/1 Items 0/50 Stones

Despicable Quiver - Energy

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A quiver artifact that is widely popular as one of the best back slot items for Archers but also for other combat class. Features archery based bonuses but also several other mods on a slot that normally is limited in properties. Great for warrior builds and other fighting based templates. This Despise Artifacts item is obtained as a rare drop from Adrian the Glorious Lord or Andros the Dread Lord. This quiver comes with Energy Resistance 10% but other versions are available for each resistance type. The gargoyle version of this item is available as the Unforgiven Vail.
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